The Toyota Camry Is Back On Top

Toyota Camry

Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

Toyota is the world’s largest automaker, there’s no doubt about it. As such an influential leader in not just the automotive industry but the world, they have continued to push the envelope in automotive technology and design and increased their sales numbers time and time again. With that, one of its most popular models, the Camry, has found its way to the top of car sales rankings in the U.S. Simply put, drivers love the reliability and quality that comes with this model. Continue reading

Toyota and BMW Partnership Could Produce The Next Supra

Toyota FT-1

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Throughout history various partnerships have had great success in their respective industries. Sonny and Cher, Ben and Jerry, Batman and Robin, and Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were all pioneers (fictional or not) in their fields. Now they have a new set of partners to welcome to their storied ranks. Toyota and BMW recently announced plans to co-develop a sports car and have confirmed their first two projects, a BMW Z4 replacement and a potential future Toyota Supra. Continue reading

Used Toyotas Among the Most Reliable On the Road

Certified Used ToyotaEveryone knows about the legendary quality and reliability of the Toyota brand. When you need a car to get you down the road mile after mile, year after year, you can be sure that any available Toyota model will have exactly what you are looking for. Consumer Reports thinks so as well, citing nine different Toyota vehicles in its list of Best Used Cars. Continue reading

Multiple Award-Winning Toyota Vehicles Available at Prestige Toyota

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna: Named “Most Dependable Minivan” by J.D. Power and Associates

Toyota Motor Corporation made its presence known once again in the automotive marketplace, as Toyota models claimed a flurry of awards through the first three months of 2014. The brand has won a multitude of honors from various automotive media outlets and other respected news sources, and the team at Prestige Toyota is excited for the rest of this trend-setting year.

Ramsey, N.J. (PRWEB) March 14, 2014 – After a record sales year in 2013, Toyota has continued to ride the wave of excitement and enthusiasm about its vehicles to a slew of automotive awards in early 2014. Continue reading

The Toyota Aygo Takes Center Stage In Geneva

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The 2014 Geneva Motor Show has come and gone with a bang, revealing a multitude of new and exciting vehicles from manufacturers around the world. With so much action flying all around it, there it was, the Toyota Aygo, a vehicle that we knew would make its debut in Geneva, but what kind of response would it receive? Continue reading

Toyota Will Reveal New Toyota Aygo in Geneva

Toyota Aygo

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In just a few short weeks, auto critics and car fanatics around the world will have another opportunity to gaze upon and drool over some of the latest vehicles from their favorite automakers. The 2014 Geneva Auto show, which kicks off on March 4, will be the home to a few more debuts from automakers, including Toyota. We love the direction that our brand is moving in, and just by looking at the teaser image of the updated Toyota Aygo set to be revealed in Geneva, we can already tell it is going to be another jaw-dropper. Continue reading

Toyota Introduces The TRD Pro Series

TRD Pro SeriesThe 2014 Chicago Auto Show saw media and automotive fans come and go, checking out all of the latest technology, innovations, and vehicles from the world’s most popular automakers. As the 2013 world’s largest automotive brand, Toyota took this opportunity to show off its next generation of rugged, reliable, and stylish off-road vehicles. We were certainly impressed with what the experts and creative minds at Toyota Racing Development (TRD) have brought to the automotive table. What did you think? Continue reading

Prestige Toyota Offers Three Kelley Blue Book® Award-Winning Vehicles

Toyota Prius cThe editors at Kelley Blue Book® recently revealed their 2014 5-Year Cost to Own Awards, crowning three different Toyota models as the leaders of their respective segments. The staff at Prestige Toyota is proud to feature all three best-in-class award winners (Corolla, Prius c, and Tacoma), as well as a substantial inventory of other reliable Toyota vehicles.

Ramsey, N.J. (PRWEB) February 14, 2014 — As a world-renowned authority on the quality and value of both new and used vehicles, Kelley Blue Book (®) takes great care in compiling and analyzing large volumes of data before presenting its 5-Year Cost to Own Awards. The team at Toyota has proven to their customers over the last year that they continue to deliver on the long-standing tradition of durability and excellence in their vehicles. Continue reading

Toyota’s “Big Game Ad”

The Super Bowl is one of the largest events on television every year, featuring the two best teams in the NFL playing America’s most popular sport. However, don’t be fooled by the seismic personalities and athletic feats on the field, because something larger happens when the cameras cut away. Companies spend millions upon millions of dollars to get their few seconds in the limelight during those Super Bowl commercial breaks to push their products with some of the most creative and entertaining, commercials ever created. Automotive companies especially have to find new ways to get their intended messages across to the masses, and Toyota has teamed up with actor Terry Crews and the lovable cast of the Muppets to deliver an unforgettable spot. Continue reading

Toyota Reveals Its FT-1 Concept


Photo Credit: Automotive News

The recent 2014 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit brought us what might be the most exciting Toyota concept vehicle in recent memory. The Toyota FT-1 concept sports car has fans and critics reminiscing of the days of the Celica, Supra, and 2000GT, when the company was manufacturing some of the world’s most popular and high-performance sports cars. Recently, the Toyota sports car returned with the production of the Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S in 2013. Is the FT-1 next in line for production? Continue reading